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More players in heros vs villians

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Just being greedy but i think hvv should be 7v7 or as the heros increase allow more players on that mode just be a lot more fun


  • Wasn't BF1 8v8 and people would take turns with the Hero's each 'round'?
  • I like BF1's Heroes VS Villains model. You win a round when you defeat all of the heroes. The game is so unbalanced now. If you die, you might spawn up alone in the middle of opponents and have no chance at survival. This version is too Mortal Kombatish for me. I don't play it much on BF2.
  • Saboteur6
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    edited December 2017
    I love this mode (when it's played by full teams) and really hope they tweak the bugs/exploits in addition to releasing new Heroes / Villains. Spawn locations do feel a bit spread out though and if people keep trickling into 3-4 vs 1, it makes for very frustrating matches. Especially if they're the target that round lol.

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  • 6v6 like Overwatch with Overwatch modes.
  • I think when they start bringing in more Heroes and Villians, then yes. currently there is not enough variety and it's hard when 1 player gets the same character every match. when they get 2 or 3 more heroes and villians added, then that will work. but the end I would like to see a full set of HvV match off with 1 life per round. 5 rounds per match.
  • The problem with changing HvV is that troopers do too much damage to bring in, and being out of lives would cause many player to lose interest and not play again or straight up leaving, dooming future rounds.

    I like it as is.
  • RDC
    56 posts Member
    I didnt mean troopers i meant just heros but theres 7 a side
  • its needs to be 6v6 or more, 4v4 is boring
  • Have you guys not considered that 7vs7 would mean pretty much instadeaths? It would be no fun gameplay at all as you'd die way too fast. At least 4vs4 can have some interesting fights.
  • I think at 7v7 it would be hard to find matches. It already takes too long to find a 4v4, not to mention the fact that people who get stuck with a hero they didn't want are likely to quit. Sounds fun on paper but I don't think in practice it would work well unfortunately.
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