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Battle Scenerios

How come I can't play against the AI in single player mode? This is dumb if I don't have another player....

Can't we set ai difficulty and enjoy game play this way? Odd

Please advise... Am I missing something here?


  • MWB33
    1409 posts Member
    What exactly do you mean? Custom Arcade allows you to select from team battle or onslaught, and configure the AIs according to however you'd like.
  • I'm trying to battle the light sabers without being in 2player mode.....
  • MWB33
    1409 posts Member
    Gotcha. Now that you mention it, I don't recall seeing an option to put the AI enemy(ies) as heroes/villains. That would be something that I'd hope they add with the Arcade updates that are supposed to be coming. So far we haven't got much of anything in regards to specifics.

    There are plenty of threads throughout the sections of BF2 forums asking for them to add Arcade versions of Galactic Assault & Starfighter Assault, as well as making Arcade 2 people online compatible. EA/Dice has shown willingness to listen when enough people are asking for it. So hopefully these things happen.
  • Ya.... Crazy...
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