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Game modes

There should be more game modes such as in the old star wars battlefront 2 (Hunt, etc..)


  • Hopefully more modes are coming soon.
    Please balance the OFFICER / BLURRG. They are NOT a HEAVY, SNIPER, nor an ASSAULT CLASS. So far, every "nerf" has failed to change anything. The Blurrg is OP vs other class guns (and not just at close range). #actuallybalancethenoobtubecrutch :*
  • Yeah....I miss drop zone although strike is growing on me. It's basically a combination of drop zone and cargo.

    I don't know about adding totally new modes but i'd like to see them add another game type into the strike rotation. Then maybe one more 40 player mode of some sort.

    On the flip side, I'm not having much trouble at all finding matches in this BF and wonder if the condensed modes has helped that. I think maybe there were too many choices in the last BF and it spread the player base too thin.
  • There was a report that dataminers discovered the mode called "Extraction" and just like the customization menu it was hidden within the game. Whether or not EA/DICE will release that is hard to say.
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