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Anybody on here still play BF1 ? Walker Assault?

I bought the second game pre-order and logged on the second I could. Definitely wasn't a fan (shooting glitch didn't help) and haven't touched it since. So I'm back into the BF1. If any people are on here still enjoying the first one, I'm an objective-playing WA guy looking for people who want to win period. No K/d ego or vehicle spammers etc. Add me darcy604, I play in the pacific time zone.


  • I mostly go back for Skirmish WA or online Cargo or Supremacy. If Cargo or Supremacy are your jam lemme know.
  • I still play SW Battlefront 1almost everyday and there are many players still doing the same (at least on PS4). I am mostly on Walker Assault (all maps) and Outer Rim DLC...See you!
  • There are still plenty of players for BF1 on Xbox.
  • Its to bad we can't merge Xbox and ps4 players for bf1, we may outlast the bf2 crowd. It's clearly a better designed and more refined game. I think it was far ahead of its time.
  • Walker Assault? Hmm... no idea.. oh wait! Yeah I remember now, it was a good mode indeed.
    Battlefront II has a 45.8% chance of success.
  • Ya I play BF 1 only for Walker Assault when i want to play single player
  • There are still plenty of players for BF1 on Xbox. I really haven't had too much problem finding a game, epecially walker assault and supremacy.
  • I'm not worried about finding a game. I play ps4 and usually always get full games. This post was more-so to find like-minded players so I can win more :p
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