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Which star wars Lego set to get?

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edited December 2017
I currently have Poe's xwing, Sequel Trilogy millennium falcon, and am building an FO tie fighter. My bday isn't too far ater the holidays which gives me an excuse to buy myself another (im older than I should be for putting Legos together haha). Which should I get? I prefer the 75##### series sets. Currently looking at Kylo Ren's starfighter or Darth mauls scimitar... but I'm a rebellion fighter at heart too. Also if I go with a non-ST era craft, I may have to get one of the same era for the other side of the fight so feel free to suggest 2 in that case (ie, if I go scimitar, what light -side/ rebellion ship should I get to balance it?)
Have fun with this one!
Edit: please don't suggest the stupidly expensive ones. Maybe let's say <$150-ish


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