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Battlefront White-Washing

Yeah I know we have an asian specialist and a black heavy trooper, but that's pretty much it. Everyone else in the game is a white male.
BF1 was fun where you could change your colour, sex and decide to be an alien. It was cool to be fighting against aliens in rebel outfits.
Will this be changed?


  • Who cares? Every Stormtrooper seen on screen in the OT was a guy. Leia and Mon Mothma were the only female Rebels we saw. Gonna accuse them of "white washing" as well? Customization is coming soon, then you can do whatever
  • I was pleased to see that there is no Gingerism in BF2. FO female officer representing!
  • MONEYPYR0 wrote: »
    Customization is coming soon, then you can do whatever

    Oh and this. B)
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