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List of Hero Card that Still Don't Work

So far, I've been doing some testing and I can confirm that the following cards do absolutely nothing or the benefit is so small that it can't be noticed:

Enduring Presence (increases Yoda's Presence duration)- Some people are saying this was fixed in the recent patch, but I personally haven't noticed a difference with or without the card and mine is Epic.

Deflection Mastery (Luke deflects blasters "super accurately")- I am unsure whether or not this card actually does anything other than increase the drain on Luke's stamina. I never notice anything when I use it and there certainly is not enough of a difference to justify using the card, assuming it actually does anything.

Fool Me Once (Maul's abilities recharge faster)- I haven't really timed this one or anything yet, but I don't really notice a difference when using the card. I could possibly be mistaken on this one as again, I haven't properly timed it yet. I also have the epic version of this card.

I'm sure there are more, as I feel like I am forgetting some. I will go through every single hero card later tonight and
update this with any other cards that are not working. Those of you who have found other cards that you believe aren't working, please leave comment the name of the card and I will test it when I get a chance. I will also try my best to post videos of my tests later. Also, @T0TALfps I'd appreciate it if you could pass this on to the team once it has been updated more. Thanks! :)

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