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Forest of Endor

Stuttering and Lag ps4

Anyone else still getting this?


  • Me.
    Started noticing it more after the patch.
  • Only slight lag.
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  • illmindset
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    edited January 2018
    Vetrix wrote: »
    Anyone else still getting this?

    I'm having stuttering for all of my online multiplayer games after the update and its driving me nuts. I forwared my ports on the router, reinstalled a couple games to test, rebuilt the database, contacted PSN customer service. nothing helped and nobody could help me.

    Still doing it! ugh

    I made a video of an example
  • BlackKS
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    edited January 2018
    I've had more stuttering in HvV whenever Vader is around and he tries to choke me while I'm being attacked by someone else. Also had a bit of lag during GA on Yavin 4 briefly during one loadout, but it fixed itself shortly after.

    (As as side note, I wish I could recover from force choke before Vader has a chance to attack me again as I'm just falling to the ground when he can strike at me with his lightsaber. It also seems that 'pressing x to be released' does nothing to help as I'm still being choked nearly five seconds after I have the circle complete.)
  • Really bad on Xbox one for me at the minute and it was fine before the patch.
  • YODA100
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    Started noticing it more after the patch.

    Me too. I sometimes see glitches too.
  • Can somebody answer my question from the earlier post. Any ideas?
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