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New issues post-patch 1.1 list

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edited January 2018
Use this thread to list the new issues you’ve encountered post-patch, so devs have a clear picture. Please follow the guidelines below (as well as the forum rules, obviously):
1. New issues only, don’t talk about what wasn’t fixed.
2. No balance talk (nerf/buff comments). This thread is about game performance, glitches, etc.
3. Keep it short, no essays, use bullet points. Example below.
4. Read the thread before posting, to avoid duplicates.
5. If you have recordings of these issues, feel free to link them.
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  • NeoExcidious
    1935 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    Platform: PC

    -increased loading times across all modes
    -AT-RT repair ability permanently disabled
    -severe rubber banding (pre-1.0 patch) is back
  • OOM19
    2832 posts Member
    Severe Latency issues on every Game Mode Server since shortly before the patch and still continuing

    Numerous glitches and delayed reactions such as: Delayed release action after the Stun duration from Force Choke, Electrocute, Shock Grenade, Force Freeze, and so forth. The duration of these "Extended Stuns" can last for up to 3-4 seconds even after the HUD Effect from a ability like Force Freeze has ended

    Emotes are still broken on several Heroes

    OOM-9 Hero Concept by AzelfandQuilava

    Suppor The Latest OOM-9 Thread

  • WarrenChandler
    240 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    Not to tread on your toes, but I did the same :) Want to copy/paste the list I have in here so they're all in one place?
    PSN: TheSuperWaz // XBL: TheSuperWaz
  • - Sometimes I can't skip that brief opening screen with Star Wars main theme.
    - All sounds randomly stop during matches and return after about 10 seconds of complete silence. It happened just two or three times. Not much of an issue, but still.
    Platform: PC

    -increased loading times across all modes

    I've been having that mostly when I open the game. Seems a bit random though, sometimes it's just as it was before patch (which wasn't great tbh).

  • NeoExcidious
    1935 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    @WarrenChandler I appreciate it, but your thread is about existing issues + a few wishlist items that are not actual issues/bugs (I.e. mines despawning after death is normal and they just increased the timer to 15s).
    This thread is for issues that started happening after 1.1, relating to gameplay performance, not balance.

    Edit: we can probably have the mods merge them into a megathread if they get enough posts
  • kcpiper
    251 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    AT-AT on Hoth - Orbital Strike placement issues.
  • Umm. Palpatine is a joke of epic proportions. Anyone else notice this?? A little bugged and a little strong regeneration with killing six people in 10 seconds. And I hate nerfs btw
  • @SmokyToast777 This is true, but that’s not new, it’s being worked on and also this thread is not about balance. Thanks for your input tho.
  • - Endor bug phase 3. Sometimes when you select a Hero right as the map transitions to phase 3, you will get locked in the spawning screen. I'll look through my files to see if I saved the video.
  • Sound stutters
  • Thanks neo. Just got a little raged at through the wall stuff again. And dude was palp the whole time again. It’s just gotten old
  • Anyone get the black screen when exiting a game? I sometimes get that and have to ***** down for 5 mins
  • Anyone get the black screen when exiting a game? I sometimes get that and have to **** down for 5 mins

    Yes, I get that too sometimes. I have to restart the game at that point.
  • S h u t isn’t appropriate??
  • On PS4 I notice an occasional glitch with the heavy shield. It doesn’t always deploy until the third or fourth press of the button. I’ve tried this on 3 separate controllers with the same findings. Annoying as I’ve been killed a few times trying to deploy it.
  • -Getting stuck walking after using any sentry variant is a bug that still exists.
    -Not sure if intended so apologies in advance but noticing Landos Sharp Shot seems to have real issues targeting Palpatine. Will target everyone around him fine but not him, regardless of him jumping or having dark aura or anything up.
    -As others mentioned and just backing you guys up here but yeah also getting the black screen of endless loading.

    On PS4 here.
  • NeoExcidious
    1935 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    -Vanguard stops activating after a couple of uses and the only fix is respawning. Created bug report here, please hit Me Too if you are having this issue:
    - In Campaign, Iden’s TL-50 alt fire no longer shows the bubble traveling, the effect is invisible. Will provide link to video tomorrow.

    @TotalFPS can you please monitor this thread and pass these new issues along to the team?

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