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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses

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UPDATE: We've answered some questions - check it out here.

Welcome to the battlefront!

My attempt to kick this off ahead of the holidays was not the best choice, and many questions asked previously have either become outdated, addressed, or remain outstanding. I'd like to attempt to kick this series off as a continuous developer/community Q&A and be able to maintain it as promised.

The goal here is to be transparent about game changes, balance tweaks, feedback on community comments or concerns. We hope to respond to as many questions as we can, and we only ask that you keep your questions and remarks constructive and actual questions.

How do you get your question submitted? Just post your questions below, and we will answer as many as we can. Please note we will most likely not get to every question, but we will do our best to surface the most pressing ones first.

Let's get this going!

Note: Posts that are not questions will be removed!
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  • xcessiveforce
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    When are you going to fix the terrible hit boxes and lag? I have direct lan connect from ps4 to modem, 150 mbps up/down, less then 40 ms to American EA servers and can shoot 3 times using s-5 pistol at target via online/offline and it only registers 1 shot. This is unacceptable. The hit boxes need serious help. I also posted on EA twitter feed.
  • llboogiell
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    1. When will the lag be fixed?

    2. Along with #1 - we are being placed in matches with players from several different regions. Maybe this is the cause of the lag. Can we have a fix to this AND an indication of each player’s ping on the scoreboard?

    3. When will matchmaking return? Will we have team shuffle after each map?

    4. There are several issues with parties, from the waiting in queue disappearing, to slower load times while in a party, to loading into empty servers that never add more players. When will these issues be fixed?

    5. When will you implement improvements to the squad system? Will this include a “partner” or spawning on one or more team members? Can parties please be placed in the same squad?

    6. Will you do more to address cheating on PC? Fairfight + reporting does not work.

    7. Will you add other game modes, specifically conquest and/or supremacy?

    8. When do you plan to add customization to the game?

    9. Can we have the option to change our default class from Assault? Or terminate the auto-spawn?

    10. Can we have the ability to create different “card hands” for each class to easily switch between them?

    11. Can we either have an increased level cap, or continue to earn credit bonuses after level 50, or both?

    12. Will more work be done to stop AFK’s?

    13. Will / When will stats be implemented?

    14. Can we have the ability to choose a map and/or a votemap system added to the end of rounds?

    15. What are your plans for changes to progression?

    16. What are your plans for the MTX system? If it’s tied to customization, can you give us an idea of how deep the customization will go?

  • Can people who prefer to play the base Troopers exclusively have BPs help in some way. I was thinking like some small boost for base troopers for every 10k unspent, and others have mentioned extra credits for unspent BPs.
    Thank you very much for the reading Chokoon.

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