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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • TEC51978
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    I haven't seen it asked or maybe I wasn't reading close enough. When will the aimbots and exploits be addressed?? It is really bad. To me this is more important then any content. Especially when you pay $80 plus dollars for a game. Thank you.
  • What made you decide to add a night variant on Kashyyyk?

    Not complaining it’s extremely good (best) looking but it seems Kashyyyk is cool enough that it does not need it. Wouldn’t it be better fitting for a map like Jakku?
  • -Since the last patch the scan dart is not working for me just for my team (I cannot see the enemies targeted but I get the points of my team's kills).
    -Palpatine is still very powerful and needs a nerf as soon as possible.
    -Rey insight ability is still not working in versus arcade.
    -Darth Vader is very strong in heroes vs villains even if he is not equipped with star cards.
  • 1. Any news on more Enforcer variations for the Lightside rather than a Wookiee Warrior for all three era's?

    (Suggestions - Clone commando's, Senate commando's/Senate guard -Coruscant Specific?-, Guerrilla/Irregulars/Militia, Bothans, Rebel special forces.)

    2. Are we going to get modifiable versions of era specific weapons like the E-11 and DH-17?

    3. Are you planning on making some lesser used star cards more appealing to use or reworking them at all?

    (E.g. - Stinger pistol, Flash pistol, Repulsor cannon.)

    4. If new game modes would be added, How would you go about keeping the community together rather than split all over the place?

  • Will there be any more classes in the game? (Not reinforcement just troopers)


    “Pessimism never won any battle.”
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer.”
    -Ronald Reagan
  • Also, what are you're guy's thoughts on the first phase of tacodana? It seems the first order has a really hard time getting to the top.

    “Pessimism never won any battle.”
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer.”
    -Ronald Reagan
  • YODA100
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    1-2 more new reinforcements? When?
  • 1. When will the lag be fixed?

    2. Along with #1 - we are being placed in matches with players from several different regions. Maybe this is the cause of the lag. Can we have a fix to this AND an indication of each player’s ping on the scoreboard?

    3. When will matchmaking return? Will we have team shuffle after each map?

    4. There are several issues with parties, from the waiting in queue disappearing, to slower load times while in a party, to loading into empty servers that never add more players. When will these issues be fixed?

    5. When will you implement improvements to the squad system? Will this include a “partner” or spawning on one or more team members? Can parties please be placed in the same squad?

    6. Will you do more to address cheating on PC? Fairfight + reporting does not work.

    7. Will you add other game modes, specifically conquest and/or supremacy?

    8. When do you plan to add customization to the game?

    9. Can we have the option to change our default class from Assault? Or terminate the auto-spawn?

    10. Can we have the ability to create different “card hands” for each class to easily switch between them?

    11. Can we either have an increased level cap, or continue to earn credit bonuses after level 50, or both?

    12. Will more work be done to stop AFK’s?

    13. Will / When will stats be implemented?

    14. Can we have the ability to choose a map and / or a votemap system at the end of rounds?

    15. What are your plans for changes to progression?

    16. What are your plans for the MTX system? If it’s tied to customization, can you give us an idea of how deep the customization will go?
  • Could we please get hero hunt in BF2?
  • We know that a "tweaked" progression system is in the works, but can we please receive an article that will go into detail about what will change prior to the date when the updated system will go live?
  • Is the "tweaked" progression system scheduled to be released before, during, or after the next DLC season?
  • When can we expect team balancing between matches to return?

    Teams being severely unbalanced is very very frequent currently.
  • YODA100
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    edited January 2018
    Will there be a world map showing how many players are playing this game? Like the map in COD Black Ops 1.
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  • Bigdog1318
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    edited January 2018
    Are there any ways where you can make the patch process faster?? I hate to wait for a patch every month or even every 2 weeks. Are you guys moving at a slow pace with changes or is it because of Sony & Microsoft where they have to approve the patches first (which probably takes forever & it’s awful they have to do that)?

    We want patches more frequently & with more significant changes. Also, the lack of communication with DICE & EA is very disturbing & we all want it to be improved. Everyone is dead quiet & it feels no one is listening to the fans or at least acknowledging us. Overwatch has developer updates, DICE should have something similar every week instead where you livestream yourselves playing your game & answering questions on Twitch in a livestream.

    Some recommendations:

    -MUCH MORE arcade content with instant action & all modes & maps & customization & vehicles available offline. More offline bots support.
    -Galactic Conquest
    -Have a TIMER instead of tickets. Bad players always kill the experience for good players if they just keep dying a lot & never get any kills & the team suffers. Timer is so much better.
    -TEAM BALANCING EVERY MATCH. Everything is always lopsided.
    -Health for specialist set at 125 or 150 & snipers not zoomed in so much.
    -Improving lightsaber heroes & buffing them.
    -Removing Heroes from the minimap at least until they attack.
    -Adding more game modes or possibly removing Strike since not a lot of people like it or play it.
    -Slight nerf for Vanguard, keep looking at balancing every single day.
    -Lag/rubberbanding/server fixes.
    -Make the game more easier for attackers for GA & SA. Extremely easy for defenders on SA especially since they just get kills as the objective.
    -Removing all reinforcements from Blast (& maybe Strike).
    -More open maps like SWBF 2015. These maps feel claustrophobic sometimes. More anti air support from the ground.
    -AFK farming fix.
    -Obvious improvements that are being worked on like progression, “pay to win”, Star card system, customization, more maps, modes, heroes/villains, vehicles, brand new innovative things to bring new players in, etc.
  • What steps are being taken to address the ENORMOUS number of afk "spinners" or "bots" rubberbanding in the Heroes vs. Villains mode? What is EA/DICE's stance regarding implementing a vote-kick system to address this issue? When can we expect to see a fix?
  • Will several maps from the 2015 game be included as DLC later on like Survivors on Endor or Twilight on hoth?

    Will we see other factions than just the main movie ones? A certain Yellow side is canon again. Wink wink nudge nudge.
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  • koprich
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    Do you plan to address “spin battles” with Star Fighters? It’s far too easy to stay locked onto a target forever and is the main thing holding back that game mode.

    I would suggest making the directional markers temporary-only and fade after 2 a target is out of LOS for 1-2 seconds. Same for the ‘revenge’ marker when spawning in.

    They should be there to give you an idea of where you’re being shot from, not give you 100% perfect, real-time tracking of every target out of LOS.
  • thelasteverjedi
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    Hi, may I ask why every good thing gets a nerf? Why don't you just leave them be? It feels like the casual player has to relearn everything every time you "patch" it.

    For example, I just watched a youtube video of Rey getting a 140 killstreak. I don't suppose you want to nerf Rey huh? Next thing someone would post a Sniper with NT252 and I don't suppose you want to nerf that? And the next and the next? The A WIng is pretty good you know, want to nerf that too?

    Empty vessels make the most noise. Please leave the good things good an improve on the bad things. Don't make the good things bad and make the bad things worse.
    Let the quiet people figure out how to kill Rey. Or a sniper. Or the new boba fett. Or the emperor.

    Like -
    *lag. i actually have to predict the lag with my shooting. so many times I watch my victim die on my screen and on the server I'm the one that dies.
    *my PC game shuts down a lot when I play. for no reason it hangs and just quits to windows.
    *at the end of online matches sometimes it says no data

    And finally, I paid full price at the start. I was hoping to fly as hero ships. But I never get to fly as hero ships or when I do, everybody points at me and I die. Please let us fly hero ships in an ARCADE setting. That's all I ask.
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  • Do you have any plans to fix matchmaking ? That's the main issue right now. How the GA match can start if there are only 6 people in one team and the other have 15+ ? And please, make a team scrable after each map.
  • Are there plans to introduce a public API for external developers for matches, game data or other static information? Or alternatively provide such information on the Star Wars Battelfront website?
  • Is there any plan to add in a stats screen or a companion app?

    Has it been tracking stats since the beginning.

    Will the level cap be raised?
  • Can we get in game accolades, that we can collect like the ribbons in battlefield 1? We have the challenges so it can be sort of based around this.
  • Can we get an incentive to win matches? Even if it is small! 10 crafting parts for a win would go down well!

    Can we also get better in-match rewards for PTO gameplay?

    More battlepoints and faster multiplier build-up for playing objectives, using squad sheilds, squad boosts and even just protecting an objective carrier.

    Right now, the game rewards building a multiplier then just farming kills safely away from the objective as the fastest way to earn a hero. Just about the only PTO strategy that comes close to rivalling this is shooting Walkers/MTTs but this doesn’t even apply on half the maps!
  • Will you try to add a mode where vehicles spawn on map, I love the battle points system but feel that if I get bored of flying in my ship I have to either kill my self or hope someone kills me. I understand its because I used my points on it I should be the only one to use it, I do not care I will gladly spawn in a X-wing, have fun then decide to go to the ground land it and let someone else take it. If you can not add vehicles on to the maps, or add a game mode that would allow changes to allow it at least allow me to land my vehicle. If you do include vehicles spawning on the map please have them still cost points so you can't just camp them. Also you can make it so we can take enemy vehicles this way as well by making them cost more then it would if we were playing that side.

    Another thing I want to ask which leads back to vehicles landing, can we get multiple seat vehicles please?

    Can we get what I will just call, movie accurate battles as a game mode? stuff like the battle of Hoth where you have to defend the shield generators, with no star destroyers in the sky due to the fact that the ion canons would take them out before they get that close. Stuff like that would be fun.

    Now I know those are very unlikely to be included but I would like it if you could answer them at least.

    My simpler questions are just stuff like camo clones on Kashykkk please, and to consider removing cross era heroes and weapons AFTER we get more of both, no sense in doing it now.
  • joachimeberhard
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    Are you still investigating the extreme lags?

    Will you rework SCS duration to be viable again against vehicles?

    When you fix Palpatine's lightning through walls, will you at the same time also fix his lightning not working at close range?

    And finally, can we have a team win credits reward please?

    Thank you!
  • Extraction. When?
  • SpartanR
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    Hello Sledgehammer70, Battlefront 2 is a great game and i really enjoy it

    For me the game is almost complete, it only need Obi-Wan and General Grievous (which i hope they will be in season 2 ) and a map like Utapau and something where you can see yours stats but its not so important.

    I dont wanna be delusional, im not asking for 250 new heroes or map, i just want General Grievous and Obi-Wan to hopefully be in season 2, im playing BF2 since its released but i need them now ! :)

    Feel free to reply or send me a pm :)
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