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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • Is there any plans to release private servers? At the moment clans are severely limited with what we can do, there's also a lot of frustration from other members of the community when we pack one team.

    BF2015 had them included in the Janurary patch after release, when can we expect them for BF2017?
  • My question revolves around the two new timed challenges.

    One of the challenges asks you to defeat 10 troopers. However it does not specify in which game mode. So to accomplish it, which game mode do you need to play to try and achieve it?

    (For those looking at the Other challenge, which says play 3 rounds of arcade, just successfully complete any 3 battle scenarios successfuly in arcade seems to do the trcik. You can even do them at rookie level).
  • My question revolves around the two new timed challenges.

    One of the challenges asks you to defeat 10 troopers. However it does not specify in which game mode. So to accomplish it, which game mode do you need to play to try and achieve it?

    (For those looking at the Other challenge, which says play 3 rounds of arcade, just successfully complete any 3 battle scenarios successfuly in arcade seems to do the trcik. You can even do them at rookie level).

    I can answer that one... Unless specifically mentioned in the challenge name, the challenges ALL are completed in Multiplayer so for your example of Defeat 10 troopers, that would need to be done in GA or Blast or Strike.
  • Only question the gaming community has for you, is the implementation of private servers to be expected?

    We would like to option to host events with each other and enjoy the game together in private groups.

    When can we expect private matchmaking?
  • There is a big mobility disparity between the heroes and villlains. Maul and Palpatine can cover distance faster than any hero. Palpatine and Vader can glide allowing them to clear jumps that heroes can't. Bossk jumps higher than any blaster hero. Boba can fly. Yoda has the lowest jump of any lightsaber user.

    Are there any plans to address this?

  • Teammates walking in front of blaster fire, nades, etc. - needs to be like Battlefield...choke points prove this time and it's not realistic - neither is Star Wars.
    Conquest please...Star Wars HQ did a dummy version the other day...we don't need more game modes but we do need the right ones and this is an easy change over with great returns.
    Trip mines and terrain - tooooo many times it doesn't work right and having to jump over a pebble is kind of silly.
    HUD - BF1 has plenty to pilfer for to personalize the game more. Add customization and away we go.
    Balance the weapons - starter weapons need attachments and the milestones / achievements aren't worth it - wee i unlocked ion shot that i didn't want...and more weapons.
    Crate system / progression (etc.) - DICE is working on it - great and while that is happening we're grinding hours to get those purples - now - compensation for what we've put hours into and the noobs get for free (mostly).
    Loading of the game (xbone) - lag - lag - lag - lag - black screen freezes - lag - game shutdowns and not just on GA.
    HP - hit points or whatever it is called in this game - health? - reset them all to 100 - several friends use the heavy and shield and sentry and the huge buff of double the HP of the specialist just because they get all that HP. Specialist gets railed and gets one hit killed from so many gadgets and weapons in this game that it really makes them pointless. Set them all to 100 and let the cards and weapons be the difference not their base HP. Can hear the heavy lovers screaming over this - sorry the game isn't balanced but it could be.
    Guess i didn't put these in question format so here's one, seasons going forward (not spring, summer, fall and winter) but clone, rogue one, original trilogy, new maps and heroes - what's in the works?
    DICE and EA always have a plan so drop some info for the people that have stuck with EA games even though we feel (sometimes) like we've been taken advantage of for our die hard hope that things will pan out (we remember BF3 and BF4 and Battlefront 2015 among other)?!?!?
    The game is fun but could be soooooo much better - so thank you and time to put some nitrous to it.
  • OOM19
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    1. I would really like to know how the Development system functions from concept, allocation, priority, and then approval and how long and thorough these phases are to deliver a Content or Patch Drop?

    2. What are the chances of obscure characters like OOM-9 being added as free non season specific Content drops as either Special Reinforcements or Heroes?

    3. Why was Auto-Balance removed in the initial patch?

    4. Will the default weapons for each Class be readjusted to be made stronger?

    5. Why were original Film actors for certain Characters like Palpatine and Darth Vader not included while they were included in other material at the same time?
  • Specialist needs some love. They just feel very meh. Particularly when it comes to playing them as a scout or flanker.

    The shock grenade specifically seems useless and I can't wrap my head around the design purpose of the item. Is it possible to add a trigger to the grenade like with the flash or detonite charge? I've found when I use it people have lots of time to avoid the area. Even during an ambush they just roll away and return fire.

    Whereas the flash grenade fires so fast you can ambush and blind an entire group. Then mop them up. I'd like to see it function the same to add some offensive and defensive capabilities when running mid range.
  • Class Loadout Selector?

    Map Vote?

    Party/Squad mechanics revisit?

    V-wings on Kashyyk?

    Increased BP acquisition rate on Aerial and Enforcer units?

    Death Trooper grenade replacement: Give him a thermal grenade?

    Luke Skywalker rework?

  • Will Specialist ever get the trip mine for the left ability? Also, will stinger pistol ever have a secondary fire for close quarters?
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    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • DYSPROssium
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    I have decided to ask some questions from the star wars battlefront reddit that were asked a lot in the past weeks.

    1)Are there any substantial changes planned for the rolling mechanic? The invincible shield is not loved.
    2)Are private matches considered to be included, since PC players cannot play together outside of the multi-player.
    3)Could we get some response to the implementation of a multi-player Conquest mode? It's by far the most community requested new game mode. (The players do not seem to care that this mode is also in Battlefield games.)
    4)There was confirmation that Developers where going to look into the squad system, and make it so players can better play together with friend. Is there any substantial news (changes incoming, what is being looked into) about this?
    5)Is a server browser, or something like in the SWBF1 game, going to be implemented? Players seem to have trouble playing certain matches.
    6) Any news on balancing teams after a match? Many players don't mind playing a totally different map, instead of twice the same, so then this allows for a better balance.
    7) Leaving players seems to be a big problem in HvV, are there any solution for this that may be implemented in the future?

    Now a question of my own
    8) Can the text option in game receive some tweaking, for example allow players to type when a match is over. More responsive typing.
    9) Can I get a confirmation that a developer looked at the survey that I held weeks back?
  • Will the classes receive any sort of items that allow players to change their role (i.e. giving the Assault a team healing item or the Officer an SMG-type weapon) or are future additions planned with their current roles in mind?

    Is there any chance of a Rebel Corvette map in the future? The interior of the Death Star II's one is amazing and I'd love to see more of it.

    Are you guys open to removing Cross-Era heroes once each era has "enough" heroes on each side, or would you even be willing to take it one step further (i.e. instead of having two factions on each map, make it so each map lets you play as all factions and turn the game into a Light VS Dark type deal like in Force Arena)?

    Will there be any more emotes added in the future?

    Is the idea of having Tarkin as a support hero ridiculous in your minds, or would you find it funny to see the ol' guy blasting Rebels on the frontlines?
    We're finally getting the High Ground man! Wooooooooo!
  • Joel255
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    When will we see the return of the FOV slider for consoles? Is it still being looked into? I have received a reply from Dennis quite a while ago now about it and he said he was on it, that he would look into where it went as if it vanished on its own. I've also seen and been given likes from devs on twitter surrounding the topic of console FOV slider. Is it coming soon? Is it not coming? Is there anything you can tell us? Thanks
  • What will you do about that error 672?

    It happens all the time, no response on the tech and bug forum regarding this.

    As it looks like on all consoles + PC
  • I'll keep my questions short as I can

    Recently there have been many Mods that improved the look of the game while not affecting performance
    specifically improving the look of Blaster Bolts (making them more bright and fluorescent) and Lightsaber beams (removing their lens flair and improving the look of the beam) would it be possible to implement this into a future patch?

    Also one last thing.

    We know that more offline support is coming I realize it's probably to early to say at this point but will it have the options that the other offline modes have? (Enemy health, points to win, play as Troopers or Heroes.etc)

    Thank you.
  • What are the plans for Arcade? Can Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault be added to Arcade and have it be updated with new maps every time a new multiplayer map is added? If Galactic Assault is too difficult to program, how about adding Conquest to Arcade on all of the big maps? Also, can the Supercharged Sentry be buffed a little? Not much, just make it somewhere between where it was before the latest patch and where it is now. Thanks for doing these Q&As.
  • koprich
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    Are you EVER going to fix the “Master of the Force” card for yoda? It simply does not work and I invested a lot of my precious crafting parts into that garbage!
  • koprich wrote: »
    Are you EVER going to fix the “Master of the Force” card for yoda? It simply does not work and I invested a lot of my precious crafting parts into that garbage!

    I haven't heard about this one, what is it supposed to do?
  • Is anyone working on making the online game modes in an offline with AI bots format? Alot of us like the modes, but would find it more enjoyable to just play offline with AI bots.
  • The maps for Galactic Assault are great, but sometimes the game can feel a little repetitive and rather liner as there is no change in team dynamics. You're always assigned as an Attacker, or Defender, for the entire match.

    My question is, has the team considered to bring back Supremacy?

    I feel like the Galactic Assault maps could be tweaked easily by adding capture points throughout. It would also give teams the opportunity to explore the wonderful work put into creating each map and play in areas not often populated during a Galactic Assault game.

    A lot of the Battlefront community desire the return of change in team dynamics and miss the Tug of War experience Supremacy brought to the Battlefront.

    Thank you.
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    Dear @Sledgehammer70
    Is there a way that you can improve the Supercharge Sentry Gun? Because for the community it was op?! (not for me) but now its useless with a '4-Seconds-Usingtime'. Would be nice if you would for example reduce the damage but increase the using time like the normal one, or just increase the using-time from 4 to 8 or 10 seconds.

    Thank you & have a nice day! B)

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  • Will the horrible rubberbanding be fixed any time soon? Is anyone looking into this? Right now it is the biggest game-breaking problem.

    Second, is there any changes to progression coming? Is anyone working on a progression overhaul? Is this even on the table? The randomness of Star Cards is not fun, especially getting duplicates or constantly getting cards for classes you dont play. You should get a direct progression in classes you put your time into.

    We need maps more designed like conquest maps. As of now, all the maps are extremely repetitive with the way you engage the other team. Same firefights in the same areas because of how restrictive the design is. There is no freshness to the maps each time you play like there is in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. Crait at the moment feels like the best map for having a good time, since it is so large and allows for various smaller fights to happen in random places. Less Metro, more Caspian Border.

    I think the biggest problem right now is the appeal to the least common denominator which pleases no one, when you should be focusing on making a game that appeals to a slightly smaller audience but one that is more devoted and would support DICE financially with cosmetic MTX and more of a Battlecrate system.

    Award a Crate with every level, increase the level cap, even making it in line with Overwatch's unlimited level system.

    Allow purchasing of skins directly, and have a ton of skins available like Overwatch. People will buy these cosmetic crates. Look at how successful their business model is. There are so many canon skins to choose from for the clones, so many skins for rebels and resistance. Even the CIS has tons of canon skins that fans would love to be able to choose. The Empire and First Order may have more limited skins, but I'm sure the team is creative enough to come up with something.

    If Disney is holding things back because of their needing to approve of every little thing to make sure it's canon, then DICE and EA need to tell them this is a non-canon multiplayer game. They keep preaching about taking risks with the new movies, so tell them to take risks on a game that has the underlying workings of a great game, but feels like it is being crippled by bad decisions from somewhere. If it is EA that is holding the game back because of their 'market research' then DICE needs to tell them their market research caused this game to heavily under-perform and have around a 75 rating on Metacritic, not mentioning the user reviews and it is time for them to let DICE try it their way.
  • There's any chance we'll see Obi-Wan Kenobi, Grievous and Anakin Skywalker in the game?
  • When will we get Season 2 news ?

    Like an exact time.
    -A convoluted signature

  • Forgot to mention, the inability to communicate with your team other than stopping to type is horrible. There need to be squads similar to Battlefield and the ability for the leader of those squads to mark objectives. Barring that, at least do what Overwatch does where anyone on the team can highlight the objective to let people know where they are going. There is no communication, contextual or VOIP and it makes coordination non-existant. There is no way to help new players or anything. No way to say converge on this objective. It's not cooperative at all. I'm not surprised most matches of Galactic Assault are just glorified deathmatches.
  • Will we get competitive play and stats in the future?
  • koprich
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    Stalemate wrote: »
    koprich wrote: »
    Are you EVER going to fix the “Master of the Force” card for yoda? It simply does not work and I invested a lot of my precious crafting parts into that garbage!

    I haven't heard about this one, what is it supposed to do?

    It’s supposed to do 50 extra damage on a fully-charged unleash which would take it from 150 to 200 damage and allow Yoda to kill heavies.

    Unfortunately, it simply does not work. Ever.

  • Are you planning on introducing in game stats?

    Can we get more timed challenges to complete each day?
  • More in depth version of two questions from above and my own pair:

    What are the plans for Arcade, will we see AI reinforcements and Heroes? Will we see multiplayer modes coming to arcade, or at least some form of Starfighter arcade? Will we get more maps beyond the five available (I really want Naboo from Heroes vs Villains)?

    Will we get any new challenges beyond just new heroes? Such as game mode challenges (ie. deliver the package x times in Strike)? Planetary challenges (ie. get x saviour kills on Kamino, destroy the objective x times on Jakku)? Repeated challenges similar to Battlefield (Get x suppression assists)? Rewards don't have to be significant but they have something to reward repeated play and different games modes and classes.

    Can we get a Heroes vs Villain Naboo map that extends into the corridor where Maul, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon get separated? You can see it in HvV but it's out of bounds. Might need to add more lower level walkways to negate the force push / choke gameplay.

    Lastly, can we get a breakdown post match of what our credits reward is based on eg. length of match x + top five x + winning bonus? Just so that we know for sure it isn't just arbitrary.
  • Hello there!

    1. Can the squad we start with at the beginning of GA be the squad we have for the whole match? Can you make it so that we spawn on or not too far behind said squad after death to try and bring us a sense of teamplay? Obviously, we would want squad assignment priority to include anyone we're in a party with at the beginning of a match and mid-match players would need to be added to a squad with a free spot.
    2. Can you do something to make the "live service" feel meaningful? Perhaps had cargo or other modes as special limited-time playable modes? It wouldn't matter if they're imbalanced/not quite there yet - we have Strike already. Perhaps have season stats displayed on the home screen? Just something that makes it feel like the game is alive and there is a community out there.
    3. Can you keep your promise of crafting parts for duplicates? This, I'm sure, would make the grind feel less unbearable for casual players like my friends who I want to get this game but won't recommend it to until progress is appropriately addressed.


    -A. Penguin
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    1: Will you guys add more time variant to the current maps? I and everybody else would love to see a rainsorm variant to the yavin 4 map and a sunny day time to the current endor map.

    2: Can you guys add attachments to the default weapons(E-11, DC-15, DLT-19 and etc...) like reduced recoil, ion shot and range increased . Because they are such iconic weapons and are what our trooper would really use in a battle, and seeing the trooper using other weapons breaks a little the immersion. So i think if the default weapons are more powerful, the players would use it more often like Battlefront 2015.

    3: This is more like a immersion request that is simple to ''fix'', like you guys did the Snowtroopers on Crait, can you guys change the Stormtroopers on Yavin 4 and Tatooine that has a black frown to the grey frown of A New Hope for accuracy, we only see grey frown stormtroopers (taking off the special editon thing) and the context of the Yavin 4 map is right after the death star exploded, and by that time we only see grey frown stormtroopers.You guys did this on the Death Star DLC, why not do it again? If you guys add this It would really show how this game is so more immersive and detailed than any other Star Wars game.

    That is all, I really hope that you guys respond some of these questions, I love Battlefront II 2017, It has so much potential, don't care about the haters, only care about constructive criticism and compliments. :smiley:
  • Can all heroes or some get a 4th ability? I know there is an empty ability slot available where (triangle for PS4, Y for Xbox) could be used. Poe has one so why let all heroes(not hero ships) have one also, like passive or hero buff abilities or just something else. Also will there be seperate abilities for HvV and GA like swap out some hero abilities or give us the option to do that?
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