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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • What are the changes coming for the progression system overhaul?

    Are we going to see old maps such as Bespin, Endor Forest and game modes like Walker Assault, Cargo, etc make a return to SWBFII?

    Skins. We'll get more skin options for heros?

    We'll be able to get a stats page where our K/D and other general stuff is outlined aka track our stats?
  • When will u fix the insane lag on GA?
  • will we get different era enforcers for the light side other than WW?
    "Jawas are the key to Life"- ME

  • Is there any plan in place to address joining friends games through Origin? I frequently will try to join games and I will get a queue... then queue will disappear and I wont join the game.. then I no longer have option to join friends game at all unless I restart game and Origin.

  • Are you untying loot crates from progression?

    Yes or no?
  • You have a plan for new vehicles? AT_TE???
  • I've been enjoying the game for a week and I can't wait for next season here are my request for the game

    -Will the AT-ST receive a small nerf? in its firepower because its a bit OP especially in tatooine I can still counter it with the speeder or the AT-RT but its kinda hard because of its firepower

    -Will Emperor Palpatine receive a nerf? because he's so OP in the game

    -Will Boba Fett's EE3 blaster receive a buff?

    -Will you fix the lag in the game? or the rubber band issue in the game?

    -Will you fix the team balancing issue in the game?

    -Will the light side get a new Armor or tank? (such as T2-B tank for the rebels and the IFT-X for the Clones) because there is no variation for the armor in the light side and the light side is a bit underpowered in terms in armor vehicles

    -Will you make the Galactic Assualt amd Starfighter Assualt playable in offline mode?

    -Will there be more modes in the future? (such as supremacy, cargo, droid run and extraction)

    -Can you put a server browser in PC? because I'm tired of joining an empty server everytime I play GA

    -Will there be more Reinforcement class in the future?

    -Will you put bots in GA? just like what you did in Starfighter Assualt and in Titanfall 2 because the maps is kinda empty such as Theed and Yavin 4

    -When will you tease us for the next season?

    -Will you put the Galactic Conquest in the game? and if so will it be playable in offline? because it is one of the key feature in the old starwars battlefront game and I want play it in offline

  • I know everyone wants Anakin and Obi-Wan but can we get some news about the best Character in the Clone Wars? Please be good news!!!
  • swanyplaysgames vid on youtube today says enough about the progression system - kid dropped 800+ hours in this game, what does DICE have to say about it - and not another its coming or similar pile of hooey, real answers???
  • Will there be more campaign/story mode content? I'm having fun with multiplayer and arcade mode, but I found campaign more compelling and I'd love to see more.
  • May we please have private match capability ASAP? This is the only way we can hold community events and arrange for competitive game play.
  • Customisation.
    I want to continue my role play from battlefront 2015. I know you are working on it :)
    We lack aliens will it come soon? It would be a great community Marale boost for those disgruntled.
  • Will standard blasters get attachments or alternate versions ?
  • cougarhound69
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    Will we see more hero skins?
    I like the guts ignore making leias sk N from the comics , can we expect more like this?
  • when are we going to get news about future seasons?
  • Is it possible for health healing cards for all heroes? Even all the lightsaber heroes are fine, Kylo Ren is lacking because once he loosed past 250 health, one Vanguard shot, he lost his health never to regain to the max.
  • Are you working on private match capability?
  • Can we expect any new or returning game modes for future updates? I think I can speak for a lot of people and say we miss Supremacy or Conquest from the originals.
  • Based on the current drive to leap frog as quickly as possible to obtain heroes, do you think that the battle point system was the right choice to replace BF2015’s tokens?
  • Don't you think Palpatine's HP regen skills are WAY too strong compared to other Heroes ?

    He only needs to hit instead of killing, and can get more than 200 HP just by hitting a group of soldiers with the right cards, making him almost unkillable

    Do you plan on nerfing this about him ?
  • Due to the current Strike map rotation and faction switching, you can be put into three matches in a row solely defending or attacking. Can you look at reshuffling the rotation so that we mostly alternate defending and attacking?

    More of a suggestion. Adding Jango Fett to the game I’m sure would pose balancing issues due to having two jetpacking villains. I think a potential solution would be to configure the villains so that only one of the Fetts could be active at a time.

    And finally, my biggest issue with the game right now is team balancing. I am often on the losing team and it is usually no contest. Times when I’m on the winning team aren’t so fun either when we are just destroying our opponents. What solutions are you looking at to bring more balance to the force?

  • Bifflespick
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    1. When will you actually fix lag?
    2. When will you adopt team balance from any of last four (4) EA/DICE games into SW:BF2? 5 vs 13 is a hoot. It gets even better when new people join the game and are placed on the side that already outnumbers the other side. How is it you couldn't use the system that has been in place for years now?
    3. When will team actually be rotated when a map changes? As it stands, it doesn't happen. I watch the same team stay on the same side, win or lose, for three (3) map rotations.
    4. When can we expect some real advancement tweaks to the game since you had no idea what to do when you removed the pay for loot system.
  • IA hero in arcade mode?
  • Are you aware of/do you have a fix planned for the glitch where Vader gets stuck in his force choke animation upon activation?
  • Why can't we use the standard blaster for each class and factions on all maps.. as in I want to be able to use the E-11 on Kamino or star killer base we already have the DC-15 LE which is a clone wars Era blaster and the FWMB-10 which is a first order blaster, we already have those 2 blasters that can be used on all maps and Eras. There is 36 blasters in the game 24 of those we can only use on specific maps and a certain Era, 12 blasters of those 36 are able to be used on all maps so why not the other 24 ? I have many favorite blasters like the DC-15A and DH-17 but can only use those on a few maps so hopefully the devs will allow us to use all of our favorite blasters on all maps.
  • Bigdog1318 wrote: »
    Are there any ways where you can make the patch process faster?? I hate to wait for a patch every month or even every 2 weeks. Are you guys moving at a slow pace with changes or is it because of Sony & Microsoft where they have to approve the patches first (which probably takes forever & it’s awful they have to do that)?

    We want patches more frequently & with more significant changes. Also, the lack of communication with DICE & EA is very disturbing & we all want it to be improved. Everyone is dead quiet & it feels no one is listening to the fans or at least acknowledging us. Overwatch has developer updates, DICE should have something similar every week instead where you livestream yourselves playing your game & answering questions on Twitch in a livestream.

    Some recommendations:

    -MUCH MORE arcade content with instant action & all modes & maps & customization & vehicles available offline. More offline bots support. - agree.
    -Galactic Conquest - or just plain conquest.
    -Have a TIMER instead of tickets. Bad players always kill the experience for good players if they just keep dying a lot & never get any kills & the team suffers. Timer is so much better. - great idea.
    -TEAM BALANCING EVERY MATCH. Everything is always lopsided. - it is a joke.
    -Health for specialist set at 125 or 150 & snipers not zoomed in so much. - would offer the devs to set all troopers to 100 health and let the cards/weapons be the difference - not health.
    -Improving lightsaber heroes & buffing them. - buff not nerf, why did Boba get hosed in both Battlefront games - does DICE secretly hate him? He needs buffed and a zoom on his blaster w/ less spread.
    -Removing Heroes from the minimap at least until they attack. - agreed.
    -Adding more game modes or possibly removing Strike since not a lot of people like it or play it. - ditch strike and add extraction, conquest and battle royal - imagine that with heroes and villains? That would be battle royal.
    -Slight nerf for Vanguard, keep looking at balancing every single day. - agreed.
    -Lag/rubberbanding/server fixes. - way at the top of my list - snipers already get one banged by enough to not have the single frame deaths included do to server lag. Play on xbone is struggling but heard it is across all platforms.
    -Make the game more easier for attackers for GA & SA. Extremely easy for defenders on SA especially since they just get kills as the objective. - Avoid SA but GA on some maps is a struggle to get past the second set of objectives.
    -Removing all reinforcements from Blast (& maybe Strike). - Definitely agree...wookies are still too strong in that mode.
    -More open maps like SWBF 2015. These maps feel claustrophobic sometimes. More anti air support from the ground. - completely agree with this as well and sometimes it feels like there are times of dead silence.
    -AFK farming fix. - should be an easy fix.
    -Obvious improvements that are being worked on like progression, “pay to win”, Star card system, customization, more maps, modes, heroes/villains, vehicles, brand new innovative things to bring new players in, etc.
    - how about simple things like having to jump over a little rock that we would just step over, HUD fixes, loading up the game on xbone - over 5 mins, trip mines not sticking to things, other simple game play mechanics like nades bouncing off teammates back into our team or blaster fire hitting the bacs of teammates etc.

    added some notes above but great points - DICE should/needs to get cracking.
  • Please please please can we have private matches?
    Apply at
  • Are there any plans to Give Boba-fett a buff,either by increased health or a much needed one for his EE-3 or both? Also I feel the supercharged sentry"s NERF was a bit too much and would be more balanced with a little time increase,Are there any plans on balancing this? Thank you so much for ur time?
  • One thing I think we're definitely missing in Battlefront 2 is no career-page with your K/D Ratio and Heroes played as etc.Will this be added anytime soon?
  • When are we getting the customization promised 2 months ago? Has it been delayed, cancelled, or just not implemented?
  • Mariobot21
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    Since we have clone troopers in game any chance we could see captain Rex as a hero sometime in this game
  • Is there any chance we could see survival again I loved it from Battlefront 2015.
  • Can we have Drop Zone in this game?

    How about partner spawns?
  • Mariobot21
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    Are we getting conquest mode
  • 1. Anakin Skywalker will be in game...? ...Because is my favourite character and I really want to see him in this game.

    2.What season/dlc will be next?(I think the clone wars or the revenge of the sith)

    3.When will be the next season/dlc?(not an exactly date but what month or something like that)

    Thank you for all support, good luck with the game in future!
  • Are you planning to give every Hero the ability to regenerate X amount of health for every kill in GA?
    Becaus as of now it seems like a lot of people pick heroes with those star cards over all the other heroes...
  • Hey DICE, I really enjoy your game right now, and I am very glad that you are finally offering some aswers to us!

    So here are my questions:
    • What about Conquest? This could really save this awsome game!
    • What about multicrew vehicles? The ARC-170 cries for a second seat at the back, something like we have in Battlefield 1.
    • What about a real Skirmish mode like in the last game? I doesn't need to give you points, but in the last game it was what got me back to the game, bougth the season pass and put another 70 hours into the game essentially doubeling my total playtime.

    I am really looking forward to the aswers, especially these regarding Conquest!
  • Are there plans in tracking milestones in the future?
    I would like to see this happen because I feel it will be easier to find out how much progression you have on a certain milestone. I was thinking either on side of the screen or just pause menu when you in a match.
  • Can you do something about the lag,
    When is season 2 coming
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