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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • Hey! Few questions or well suggestions
    1. Supercharged sentry needs a buff it never needed such a big nerf please have it the same as last time just with bigger recoil or spread range?
    2. Can we have a toggle for scope aim for 3rd person? What I mean is that in the new update instead of zooming in over the shoulder you now go into 1st person scope mode which ruins my play style
    3. Could we please have conformation on if this game is getting backed by ea and for how long?
    5. Droidikas? Plz?
  • Can a Large conquest mode with 64 players be made? Not talking offline content i mean multiplayer, and obliteration mode.
  • My question revolves around the two new timed challenges.

    One of the challenges asks you to defeat 10 troopers. However it does not specify in which game mode. So to accomplish it, which game mode do you need to play to try and achieve it?

    (For those looking at the Other challenge, which says play 3 rounds of arcade, just successfully complete any 3 battle scenarios successfuly in arcade seems to do the trcik. You can even do them at rookie level).

    I can answer that one... Unless specifically mentioned in the challenge name, the challenges ALL are completed in Multiplayer so for your example of Defeat 10 troopers, that would need to be done in GA or Blast or Strike.

    Thanks for the answer. Much appreciated :)
  • Why are you so afraid of giving Star Wars Battlefront any similarities to Battlefield? Star Wars Battlefront was founded on the basis of a mod for Battlefield. The new game throws everything thats good about Battlefront and Battlefield into the drain.
  • Is there any chance we could see battlefront series trend towards battlefield 3 style gameplay in the future? no mid air aircraft spawns, all runways n hangers, medic revive, repair engineer tools. AT-AT off rails. Just general freedom ?
  • I have a couple questions:

    1. Is it possible to give Emperor Palpatine a lightsaber as a star card or a skin?
    2. Will you add Geonosis as a map for the clone wars?
    3. Is it possible to add larger scale battles like 20v20?

    Out of this game I would also like to see more fully controlable vehicles and larger maps. I would also love to see more iconic battles from the tv shows as well as the movies such as the battle over Coruscant in episode 3.

  • Will you be adding private servers/matches to 1v1 friends and different players and also to organize clan/squad matches with other players and friends?
  • Could we ever see alternate color pallettes for heroes and lightsabers? Even if the lightsabers aren't effected by the color pallette could we get alternate lightsaber colors?
  • Would you consider adding online/LAN support to arcade? Just as skirmish had in Battlefront (2015), so that I can have an occasional more relaxed game with my brother and mates, take in the beautiful environments/models, experiment with tactics and weapons and so on. Arcade does also feel quite shallow at the moment, due to a lack of main game modes. Might we expect these to make an appearance?

    Are you aware of the criticism of Battlefront 2's more linear map design, and would you consider (if possible) adding in the maps from the previous game in some sort of 'Classics' season? Will you be taking this criticism into account when designing new content for DLC?

    Do you have plans to introduce another large scale game mode? If so, I beg you to listen to the community when we ask for Supremacy/Conquest. The linear attack/defend/destroy of Galactic Assault will become tired very quickly if we are not able to escape from it now and then.

    Thank you for this communication. I hope to spend too much of my money on cosmetic items very soon! :D
  • Any word on the fix for those of us not getting credits for duplicate crate openings? Will we get our lost credits back? Here is the thread; 31 pages over 300 post
  • Will we see a space battle map for coruscant? I'm very curious about this, and would love to see a space battle of coruscant, as are many of my fellow star wars fans. Not to mention I'd love to see the Magnaguard as a reinforcement unit and General Grievous as a new villain. Will we see such content in the clone wars season?
  • Is it possible to use assets from battlefront 2015 to speed up the design process? As I kind of thought if things were in 2015 like Scarif, Jyn, Greedo, Bespin and Sullust it would be easier to have them in the newer game. Was wondering as we did see these maps briefly in the campaign if it they were designed from scratch or if assets could be brought over
  • Also any chance of an option, like in Battlefield 2, to change the objective opacity? There are many times you can’t see anything because it’s covering enemies and such.

    Can you also turn off the auto-spawn? I’ll get put into a game without the ability to alter my class for that particular map.
  • Oliver_Renwick
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    edited January 2018
    Will we see young ahsoka from the clone wars TV series? I would love to see her in the game as she could be fun to play as and would be different lightsaber users as she holds the sabers backwards! She could also have some interesting abilities!

    Thank you for reading :)
  • First of all, thank you for working on that great game SWB2, despite of the lot of destructive criticism!

    Are you working on buffing the specialist (maybe in health, better star cards, etc.)?

    Is there a chance, that there are only heroes selectable, who are fitting to the era of the map? (like kashyyyk and Yoda, Darth Maul, General Grievous, ...)

    Subsequently it´s coming to my mind, if there is a chance of making votes in the community (which will count like in direct democracy) relating to new dlcs, new heroes, new maps, buffs and nerfs and so on? (for priorities of work)

    Do you have ideas to bring coop to pc?
    Of course i would appreciate a clone wars dlc with Grievous, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Anakin, Count Dooku, Qui-Gon and a lightsaber version of Palaptine! Thank you for all!
  • Are there going to be private matches coming to Battlefront 2 in the future? Private matches were really fun back in the old game because we could challenge our friends to a 1v1 or maybe just a small team of friends to play competitively. It would be really awesome if EA and DICE could add that back in the game, and personally a lot of my friends would get the game to play competitively with me.
  • Hi there!
    Is it possible to bring polish players option to play in english? If so it would be much appreciated by majority of polish community. There is already a mod wich makes every speaker turn english but it's just a mod so can we be hoping for it? Also I think not only me want to know if there will be an option to have dual pistol equiped or at least have rex as a playable hero.
  • Why did you release an incomplete game?
  • Can EA take a Coruscant DLC season into consideration? It could possibly include some ground maps on the Jedi Temple or Coruscant underworld, and maybe it could include a star fighter assault map like the opening scene in Revenge of the Sith.
  • Will we see the return of the great Nien Nunb and the other beloved heroes and villains in Battlefront 2015??
  • Can you add the dual seat vehicles fully operational? (I noticed that after the patch you can’t seat at the back of the speeders)
    Can you add the blue flame for the flametrooper while overload ability is active?
  • Would it be possible for specialist to get a stun dart?
    You guys are gonna make me rich......
    Xbox G-tag
    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • When could we possibly get news regarding season 2?
  • Since we already have Captain Phasma in Battlefront 2, is there any chance that we may see Captain Cardinal at all? I find the sour relationship shared between these two to be quite intriguing and would most certainty like to see their battle for the hearts of players in the menus.
  • When can we expect the constant micro-stuttering and lag to truly be fixed with no indication of it ever returning? It started with the Last Jedi season and ever since then even with the first couple of patches it never is quite taken care of. I run a GTX 1080ti and a i7-5930k and Battlefront 2017 is the only game where I encounter micro-stutters in ground, space, and camera movement along with lagspikes throughout entire matches, this does not happen in other games I own. I want to enjoy this game, with these issues being constantly present it is hard for me to really get immersed and have fun when the optimization doesn't feel 100% top notch.
  • OH hey I forgot can you also buff standard weapons? and make rolling not so op? I mean seriously a sith or a jedi is less powerfull then a freaking finn guy who literally is just a simple rogue stormtrooper. can't hit guys who are just rolling is freaking crazy.
  • Is there any info that you could tell us about Season 2. Even just what era would be great! Keep up the great work on the game and thanks for taking the time to read this.
  • When can we expect Tallie Lintra's star Cards to be able to be fixed and be able to be upgraded?
  • Will there be a companion app for Battlefront 2? I really enjoyed that for the last game. Also, can you make all the modes that are multiplayer and make them available offline?
  • Can you please fix the progression system before any new season is live, if you guys aren’t ready to give a live updated progression system can you at least tweak some in game progression like the crafting parts?
    Thanks again, love the game and how you guys answer our opinions to the community.
  • EA Dice,
    Can you add the online coop For Arcade and for all mode ??
  • Do we have Any Chance to see Mace Windo as a hero?
  • Will player stats ever be added to the game?
  • One quick question. Will we ever see co-op/ multiple player vehicles
  • 1. Are you gonna add more female heroes such as Jyn Erso or Queen Amidala?
    2. Is it gonna be possible to have a customizable character to play as on galactic assault?
    3. Could you add a few more seconds to the explosive sentry? It's taking me quite a while to get that 150 kills trophy.
    4. Could you get rid of loot boxes and add a system where you buy your star cards and characters with credits only?
  • Is it possible we would see Star Wars: Rebels content in the future? I would really like to see Kanan Jarrus in the game, he is by far one of my favorite charcters.
  • I m sure this has been asked, but I have to ask as well.

    Will matchmaking be fixed to make both teams fair and balanced?
    Can both teams have the same number of players?

    Can "fall back" when the spawns are moved make sure that falling back players don't get put in dead ends or behind doors that won't open?

    Can any nerf being considered be mor objectively and carefully thought out so they do not get over done (example SCS)?

    Why does Palpatine get to shoot lightning through sealed doors and walls?

  • In the game we currently have tauntauns that you can walk up to and ride. One of the biggest requests from the first Battlefront was that we wanted to be able to run up to vehicles and get in them rather than tokens (at the time) or spawning in as one.

    Since the mechanic is already in the game with the tauntauns, what are the chances of having this spread to other vehicles?

    This game is amazing so far. Keep up the great work!
  • Are you thinking in make more content for the campaing ??
  • Is there nay chance we can get yellow slash marks on people when sliced with a lightsaber. I understand this is a small detail, but it will make the game much more realistic. When you slice a wall, these marks show up and it will be cool if they remain on a clone troopers armor after being sliced much like all the shows and movies. The charred blaster marks after you shoot someone is a great detail and this would be too if it is added.
  • Can we get a boba buff to his blaster and a bit to his rockets?
  • When will we get the next dlc season? And please don't say soon...
  • I have a question about future DLC's....

    Is it possible that Battlefront 2 could have an Old Republic DLC??

    If yes, than that would be awesome!!!
    If no, than i think i know the reason why.....

  • Hi, EA ! I love the Last Jedi movie, and I would love to see a skin for the old Luke Skywaker. Is it possible, please ?
  • Will we see a map on the planet utapau from the clone wars era?????
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