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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • Could you change the heroes, so that every hero gets about 20 hp when they defeat someone? Right now people who got heroes are hiding in the back with 300 hp all the time, because they dont want to die, this means there arent any heroes who can start that one push that will win you the game, this happens all the time. If you would implement this, it would reward heroes who get back into the fight to be able to stay the hero for longer, also it wouldnt be a problem, because you probably lose more hp than 20 when facing a trooper, so you would still lose hp over time, but have a chance to get it back up, also this would make heroes with low hp like han a lot more viable in GA. Last time on Takodana i managed to defeat an entire push with Finn, but i died in the process, the game lasted longer for a few minutes, but because i died the enemy just had another push which won them the game, if i got rewarded hp for the kills I could have done a lot more for my team and it would stimulate me to keep getting kills by going for the objective, which is where most people are.

    Ps sorry for my long story, just answer the question above, the rest is just my motivation why i think this would be a good change.
  • When we get customisation, could we get the option to change skins while in a match and not have to exit to the menu?
  • Can we expect the cool hunt mode from the original battlefront ? or at least something similar ? would be a dream to come true to have Stormtroopers slaughtering groups of ewoks

    Some ideas for cool Hunt maps:
    Hunt mode:
    Endor: Ewoks vs Scout Troopers
    Mos Eisley: Jawas vs Sand People
    Yavin 4: Bothans vs Death Troopers
    Hoth: Wampas vs Storm Troopers
    Kashyyyk: Wookiees vs Trandoshan
    Naboo: Gungans vs B1 battledroids

    Each map could be balanced differently and they could reuse a few abilities, Wampas could have Chewie's slam and Trandoshans could be very similar to Bossk for example

    I think Bothans would work well as a new type of reinforcement for the Rebels and Resistance (as suggested by my father the Mighty Cradossk here:
  • Have they answered any questions yet?
  • Can we have heroe music intros when we have activated the continuous music option activated?
  • The good guys ... er sorry, light side (who’s to say which side is good or bad) has only Wookiee Warriors for the enforcer Reinforcements (which are Clone Wars era). The Dark Side has B2 Droids, Death Troopers and Flame Troopers.
    Do you plan to make more for the other eras for the light side or just leave it at the one type for all eras? I feel like a Resistance Flame Trooper should be added to match what the First Order has. Maybe whatever Prune Face is can be the classic trilogy era enforcer? .. heheh
  • can you put the answers on a diff page and link it in the description so we don't have to dig through hundreds of questions to find them?
  • Will we be able to see a Star Wars Battlefront II companion app with a mini-game to earn credits and crafting parts on the go outside of Battlefront II?

    Will we be able to see Darth Bane debut in Battlefront II?

    When will General Grievous be in Battlefront II?

    When will Season 2 be announced?

    Could be be able to see Sergeant Kreel aka Agent 5241 in Stormtrooper armor debut in Battlefront II?

    Will the Vulture droids and Hyena-Class bombers be able to go into ground mode In Battlefront II?

    Will Crab Droids Debut In Battlefront II?

    When can we see aquatic combat in Planets like Mon Calamari or any other aquatic Planets.

    Will General Kalani Make it to battlefront II?

    Will Padme Be in Battlefront II?

    Can you change the Galactic Republic enforcer from Wookie Warrior to Republic Commando, The Rebel Alliance Enforcer from Wookie to Gigoran Fighter and The Resistance From Wookie warrior to A Resistance Commando?

    Will the D-Wing Droids Debut in Battlefront II?

    Will there be New Star-fighter Classes like Striker, Defender, and Bulwark?
  • I would like to know if some sort of mechanic is being looked at to prevent players from making a game never ending? This is especially problematic in Strike when the objective is to deliver the package. Multiple times I've seen a player intentionally hide with the package, never moving, in order to make the Overtime last as long as possible in order to farm kills/credits.

    An overtime timer on those game modes or even some version of the "Fall Back" mechanic to force that player to move up the map or something like that are my first two ideas.

  • avmav wrote: »
    Why do vehicles going 1mph instantly kill you if they hit you?

    Yes -this is a good one. In Phantom Menace we saw Qui-Gon get run over by an MTT and it had no effect on him or Jar Jar, so a speeder bike that bumps a Trooper or the Landspeeder on Tatooine that just barely grazes Luke Skywalker should never be able to kill you. heheh
    Plus a lot of crazy people just drive them around and all they do is try to run people over. I’ve seen some people never even once fire the weapons. They just drive around trying to run people over (or just bump-kill them)
    Can you make it so speeders don’t instantly kill players?
  • Will Palpatine get his lightsaber ???
  • Any chance of getting a TLJ Luke skin? Also any talks of adding Obi-Wan?
  • Blurgg still needs some nerfing. AT-ST’s should repair slower or take damage a little faster as well. Besides that... bring on the customization & dlc! Oh & stats
  • can we have a galactic and starfighter assualt offline on arcade please, with all of the dlc, since there is only two modes on arcade and i always play them
    also will we get to see a mustafar planet or the campaign maps on multiplayer anytime soon?
  • Once the new progression system is implemented in March, will existing users be recompensated for the crafting parts/credits/upgrades already purchased?
  • Can we please get the Supercharge Sentry buffed/adjusted? With a reduction from about 14 seconds to about 3 seconds it's practically useless. It's definitely not fun anymore.

    Would you consider resetting the timer but reducing damage and/or decreasing mobility?
    Would you consider making an Ion anti-vehicle version?

    Can we have team shuffling after matches?
    Can we have team balancing, so teams dont outnumber each other?
    Can you fix the lag please?

    Will you be adding more heroes and villains? How about IG-88, Mace Windu, Jyn Erso, IG-88, General Grievous, or IG-88?

    Can we get some higher payouts on matches please? 300-500 credits still ain’t cutting it.
    Can you restructure the credit payouts to reward players on actually playing the objectives and not just kills?
    Can we get rid of the loot box system and just let us use credits to buy the unlocks (progression) we want rather than using crafting parts?
    How about a conquest mode?
  • 1) Will the vanguard be nerfed against heroes?
    2) Will ship damage from the LAAT be nerfed against heroes (especially on maps like Kamino)
    3) Will lightsaber heroes be able to block supercharged sentry/explosive sentry damage?
    4) When the progression system is changed, will players be properly reimbursed for the credits they have spent?
    5) Will the rubber-banding ever be fixed? (still experiencing that problem)
    6) Will multiple hero skins be available for each hero eventually?
    7) Will "hero skins" allow certain characters be able to play at a different age? (Ex: Luke from Ep6 and from Ep8)
    8) Will more game modes be added from the previous game? (Ex: Drop Zone was my favorite)
    9) Will more guns be added to the game? (Ex: all the ones from the previous game)
    10) Can additional credits be given to the winning team, thus incentivizing people to actually play the objective?
    11) During the future seasons, can you make the "battle" between factions more engaging by displaying current stats, have limited time double credits/exp events, better rewards for the challenges, etc
  • Prof_Platypus07
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    When are we getting more Arcade content?

    If we are getting Arcade content soon, will we be seeing all game modes/ maps added or just some?

    If just some, what are we getting?


    Also, I've seen this before and that it sounded like a good idea, can you please write the answers on a different page and link them in so that they are easier to find?

  • Welcome to the battlefront!

    My attempt to kick this off ahead of the holidays was not the best choice, and many questions asked previously have either become outdated, addressed, or remain outstanding. I'd like to attempt to kick this series off as a continuous developer/community Q&A and be able to maintain it as promised.

    The goal here is to be transparent about game changes, balance tweaks, feedback on community comments or concerns. We hope to respond to as many questions as we can, and we only ask that you keep your questions and remarks constructive and actual questions.

    How do you get your question submitted? Just post your questions below, and we will answer as many as we can. Please note we will most likely not get to every question, but we will do our best to surface the most pressing ones first.

    Let's get this going!

    Note: Posts that are not questions will be removed!

    So I have questions about future DLC and changes to the game:
    1. Can you buff lightsaber heroes? it stinks that getting up close and personal (which is what they have to do) is so detrimental.
    - Specifically Luke (as his abilities are essentially useless since they do know damage. particularly repulse, as the damage is to little for the animation to be that long.
    - Also Kylo Ren. His Frenzy doesn't work. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing it, but whenever I use it, I pretty much die immediately. Also buff the damage? I used it against a Wookie warrior and it did like no damage. and I died to said Wookie warrior. I think that Kylo Ren should win in a confrontation against a Wookie Warrior.
    - Also buffing the damage output of the lightsabers? potentially?

    I think that Boba's EE-3 should be buffed. As of now, it is quite weak.

    For the future DLC, how are they decided? With all due respect, it feels like what the community is saying we want isn't really being discussed. I can't be the only one who wants Obi-Wan and Grievous in the game so bad that it makes me want to cry that we've heard NO talk of him. But with the lack of communication from the developers, its like we are completely blind. I think that if we as a community ask for something to be put in the game (something that we will enjoy a lot since we asked for multiple times) it should be guaranteed to be put in the game.

    Also, in a phase change, can you make it so that you don't die if you fail to make it to the objective in time? I was Kylo Ren and was starting to go on a pretty decent streak when the phase shifted. I was somehow so far from the objective that I ended up dying. This has happened a couple of times. Again, with all due respect, I cannot for the life of me understand why a feature like that was put into the game.

    Well, I'm pretty sure this comment will never be read, but if it is, I do hope you take it into consideration. I love Battlefront 2 so much, and all I want is for it to be successful.

    Thank you!
  • Glacie
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    I really want more Trooper reinforcements and vehicles.

    So I wanted to ask if there will be any replacements for the wookie warriors for the light side enforcers, since I feel like the wookie warriors should be map specific like the naboo starfighter
    But I figured I'd recommend the Clone Flametroopers for the Clone Wars! Since we already have First Order flametrooper.

    And for a new vehicle, I thought the more at-st like Walker for the Clone Wars would be worth bring up, which is the AT-XT. I know it's Legends content (I think) but I still feel like things like the AT-XT and especially Rebel Vehicles from Legends could be allowed into the game.

    Also just wanted to quickly bring up the BARC Republic Speeder and STAP speeder, if possibly those will one day maybe be coming.

    (I apologize for the long post)

  • Are you aware of this Chewbacca trend on Heroes vs. Villains? Basically his "furious bowcaster" is too powerful and decimates opponents. It's getting as predictable as Alabama winning the college football national championship and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl who is going to be on top of the leaderboard. If it were reality, the dark side characters would just be able to rip his weapon from his hands with the Force. I'm not at all a fan of getting shot at while I'm locked up in a lightsaber fight, that's why I like that game is to fight with lightsabers. I like to go toe to toe, not get blasted by some guy playing Chewie, practically smoking a cigarette, constantly firing his cannon blaster and racking up free points on the sidelines. While playing on the same team, I am working my butt off trying to dominate and the guy playing Chewie is just sitting there shooting at the Villains on the move, in a fight, it's just unfair competition. You can't deflect it. I hate the term "nerf", but his nowcaster needs to be nerved. Second is Finn and his practically aimbot weapon. It's becoming more prominent that light side characters will come out with three shooters, I'm like "bye!" I'm not going to put up with it, I've been maxed out and playing for fun, but this Chewie and shooter trend is getting old, older than Chewie's age.
  • Could we please get detailed specs on damage per second for weapons.What are specific Star Card increases, and which ones stack.
  • Hello there game Developers!! As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of General Grievous and I am DYING to know if he will be in the next Season or in the third Season. Can you PLEASE give us a small hint as to how he is doing/which season he will be in? Nothing big mind-blowing. Just something small please.
  • Anoh
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    Basically it's a EAFront 1 scenario. Come back 1 year and some crumbs after launch to experience the full game's potential.
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  • T0TALfps
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    Have they answered any questions yet?

    As this isn't a live AMA, there hasnt been any questions answered yet. The intent of this thread is to collect questions and will be left open for an unspecified amount of time. It'll then be upto @Sledgehammer70 and the team to select and answer questions.
    can you put the answers on a diff page and link it in the description so we don't have to dig through hundreds of questions to find them?

    Answers will most definitely be in a separate thread, no need to dig through these pages, unless you wish to check to see if someone has already asked your question.

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  • Can we get equal HP for all troopers? Specialist, well sucks while the other three dance about...level the playing field.
  • Can we please get Co-op Vehicles, a conquest game mode, and the ability to board the enemy ship in either Starfighter Assault or a new game mode.
  • Any chance we'll get a server browser or a better matchmaking system?
  • Can we have a map vote like Battlefield 1? Because I know the rotation I start from Naboo and stop after Kashyyyk and never play the other maps.
  • How are you guys employed?
  • Will we see any multiplayer based DLC trophies/achievements lists like the first game? Season 1 didn't come with any, unfortunately. We should get challenges based on the new content through trophies as well as the in game milestones and have the level capacity raised, giving us a trophy for achieving certain levels.
  • I may be the only one who cares, but Is there any chance we could see the enforcer classes for the light side factions get updated? The dark side enforcers are all different depending on the faction you play as and I personally think it would be nice to get the same treatment for the light side as apposed to just the wookie warrior for all 3. There are so many other things like republic commando or bothan spies that could be used. Anyways, just thought I'd ask.
  • Jezzaahh
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    Will you add milestones for the reinforcement classes?
    Will there be any future customisation for reinforcement classes? E.g. new weapons such as e11d for death trooper
    Will there be any more classes of reinforcements added? E.g pilots
    Will there be a replacement for wookie warriors on some maps? they feel fairly out of place
    Will you guys port battlefront one content (e.g. DLC Maps, weapons) to this game?
    Will skins from battlefront one possibly make it to the game?
    Can we please have more info on season two than just "soon"?
    Will you add more game modes to arcade?
    Will you add more maps (such as already in games maps, even ones like naboo hanger:D or dlc maps) to arcade?
    Will you add more arcade milestones?
  • something needs to be done for the heroes vs villains mode. making the minimum limit to 3 would improve immensely. im tired of waiting 10 minutes for just 1 or 2 players. 3 on 3 is still fun and 4 on 3 works too. there is just not a high enough player base yet for that mode it seems.
  • darki
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    could we have a doctor class to regenerate our teammates?

    will we have a space map where we will have to participate in the destruction of the death star?

    could we have an end-game animation on yavin 4 if the rebellion loses the death star destroys the planet ?

    when does class customization happen?

    will heroes be locked by epochs on the galactic assault mode ?

    will we have the chance to play on utapau, mustafar or geonosis ?
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  • Are character customizations having any progress or is it completely dumped?

    Would there be a server browser?

    Any chances for some teases for Season 2?
  • norloc wrote: »
    something needs to be done for the heroes vs villains mode. making the minimum limit to 3 would improve immensely. im tired of waiting 10 minutes for just 1 or 2 players. 3 on 3 is still fun and 4 on 3 works too. there is just not a high enough player base yet for that mode it seems.

    Yeah I agree why doesn't the game just start and then people can join half way through like with every other mode?
  • Is there the possibility to add 64 player conquest and multi person vehicles?
  • Why was a server browser not implement at launch?
  • Will you add milestones for the reinforcement classes?

    Will you add milestones for the Rey and Chewbacca's hero ship?

    Can we get a Hero mode of Starfighter Assault?

    Will the new Cargo jetpack mode have its own challenges?
  • Are we gonna get Geonosis? How about campaign dlcs? General Grievous? Mace Windu? Would be sick to get customizations. But thanks for the game, LOVE IT
  • Hey, is there any chance of a ranked/ competitive GA, hopefully based on a certain level of troopers and heroes you have to gain before being able to choose the ranked GA or other game modes?
  • xVaas wrote: »

    He will run and hide like he always does, he is a coward.

    But seriously is Grievous coming?
  • Is there gonna be a space map dedicated to piloting the famed and beautifull Naboo N1 Starfighters ? :( I feel they dont get any love except Theed where you have really short time of piloting one. I do hope to see them more in near future, doesnt even have to be a new map as long as i could get option to fly one anywhere.
  • Is there an app planned just like the 2015 game; where you could check your stats, star cards, etc. It had its own mobile game. I think it was called Companion or something like that? I think it would be convenient to have this again.. Thanks.
  • What did you do with the settings in the last patch? Zoomed sensitivity, soldier sensitivity, Starfighter response curve and stick deadzone does not work as they used to do before the patch, and where is Vehicle response curve? It is gone. Why did you need do to anything at all to the settings? Something went clearly wrong when you changed it.
    Before the patch, I had my soldier sensitivity set to 10, and now after the patch I had to set it all the way down to 1 for it to be like it was before the patch.
    The zoomed sensitivity has been changed in the other direction, before the patch I had it at 40, now I had to adjust it up to 70....., and for the starfighter settings, I had to adjust them down to 15 after the patch, and still it feels to fast.
    So what did you do?
    And are you going to fix it back to the way it was?
  • Can we get a Clone Commando campaign DLC?
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  • -i s there a posibility to give the default wepons attachmenta and maby make the effective ranga better. i really love them and would like to se them be used more.
    - could the renforcments also get more wepons, like the E-11D for the death trooper. The imferial jump trooper, clone jumo trooper and first order jump trooper could maby get E-11, DC-15s and F-11D
    - could renforcments like medic, enginer and demolisonist get added, the demolisonist could maby have a rocket launcher that would be good against vehicles, medic could maby have the bacta bomb from the last game if you wannt to add it to bf2 or some healing ability to help teammates, and the enginere could maby build some turrets or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
    - could the officers improved battle command maby get a tweek or nerf, its really anoying when your about to kill them and thay buff up.

    I love this game and cant wait for more content and season 2, have a good day. :D
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