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Companion App: Base Command down?

Usually my daily coffee routine is to play the day's daily siege, but I cannot get the game to load. When it switches to the mission loading screen it starts at 0% and then flashes back to the previous screen and a red banner appears at the top and says "Sorry an error occurred" This happened yesterday as well, but I was finally able to get through a game by repeatedly clicking play siege. That isn't working today.


  • I have been having major issues with the app for around a week. I cannot open base command and can barely get to my detailed stats or star cards.
  • Player_16
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    I contacted support and the person confirmed that they couldn't get it to load either. I think they put all of the Battlefront 1 stuff on a 286 running Windows 3.1 hanging in a closet.
  • KingFighterX
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    Had also problems with loading Base Command but I think it's working fine at the moment but now Career seems to have problems with loading sometimes for me atleast. iddy93ui02wm.png
  • Typical EA. Sell it hard and then move along, nothing to see here. This is not the game I'm looking for. It has been brutal this past week, and I'm willing to put money down that EA answer will bee to buy BF2. My group of friends who would play SW just about every weekend now have endless issues with one of us losing connection to EA servers. Now this with the companion . We all agreed we are done spending our money from our hard earned paychecks on EA products. We cancelled our EA vault access and will not support them since they don't support their products (I'm looking at you MEA, which was a huge kick to the **** that they abandoned the series).
  • Agreed. Feels like we’re getting handed our coats on the way out. Last one turn the light off
  • I contacted support several days ago, but no response. I'm trying to get a minimum amount of kills with every blaster and star card. The only things I have left are the Impact Grenade and K-16, but I'm having a hard time keeping track because the stats are down most of the time.
  • Base Command WTF? I play this more than Battlefront 1 and 2 together. I will soon become PsychoDad without my Base Command! Also an explanation as to what's happening with BC would be nice.
  • What is the problem? First I had trouble viewing stats. Then base command saves got harder to do and now I can't connect to even play the games. I'm a big fan of Base Command. It does have the end of life vibe to it. Battlefront is having issues as well.
  • Agreed. I play Base Command every day and the Companion App has been problematic for over a week now. If it stays like this it will be a real shame.
  • I get the red "error" banner also when I try to load Base Command. I really hope that it gets resolved.
  • Solitare wrote: »
    What is the problem? First I had trouble viewing stats. Then base command saves got harder to do and now I can't connect to even play the games. I'm a big fan of Base Command. It does have the end of life vibe to it. Battlefront is having issues as well.

    Whst issues are you running into in Battlefront? Just curious.
  • I would very much like this issue to be resolved.
  • First it failed to save after I won a siege. Ever since I get the error "Technical error. Something went wrong. Try again." I can no longer get into any type of siege, just keep getting that error. No amount of restarts or re-logins will fix it. Technical error. Horse crap, really? I thought it was a mission.

    The problem is making games and operating systems SAAS. As soon as sales of / within the game / OS slow, they drop it like its a dog crap in their hand.

    Back in the day when you bought a game it was a finished and polished product, you could play it endlessly and owned it outright. One of my fav games is Seven Kingdoms AA. Released 1997 and I still play it. I'd wager it is more complex than Command Base, and it still works a charm after 20years.

    With these SAAS games I feel like someone sold me a pair of shoes. I came back after a week and said "Hey, the glue wore off and the soles fell out."
    "No problem" says the EA shoe salesman. "I'll just re-glue it for you. It will wear off next week again and so on, but don't worry I will keep re-glueing it for you each week."
    On the fourth week I come back for a re-glue and the EA b*stard has moved his shop and scampered off.

  • GoddessSalus
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    I just played the daily Siege and the Credits were added to my Career

    EDIT: I checked on my PS4 and the Credits appeared there aswell
  • Totally broken only error keeps appearing -.-
  • The companion app seems to be working again. Praise the maker!
  • Hi guys,
    We had some errors that we were able to fix early this week.
    I hope that everything is working as expected now.

  • Just checked and it's working fine for me currently.

    Are you working on an app for Battlefront 2?
  • Yup, it's been fine the last couple days.
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