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Hero Ship only starfighter mode similar to HvV

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A new starfighter game mode where you only have hero ships available, similar to HvV but in space!


  • That could be great fun. My pet peeve right now in SA is that I almost never get to play Hero/Villain ships. So, when I somehow do, I can't seem to get optimal use of them due to lack of practice. :-)
  • Moxx
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    edited February 2018
    Same. I think the max is 2 hero ships per team, which seems really lame.

    This mode would allow for ppl to hunt SA Hero ship milestones faster as well.
  • Moxx
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    Well, they made it!


    No one plays it! They sit in SA and complain how hard it is to lvl heroes still, though. :*
  • Moxx
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    edited December 2018
    I blame lack of a server browser. No one can ever tell when a gamemode only needs a few more players to kick off. It's all a guessing game.

    Usually when im in Hero Starfighter lobby, we get really close to starting and then ppl start leaving from impatience. Happens all the time.
  • Yes it needs fixing, one of the most frustrating games to play because of all the waiting.
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