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Option to change skins mid match?

2 posts Member
edited February 2018
I want to be able to change my skins for my heros in the middle of the match or between matches. I really like the last Jedi skins but I don’t want to use the Crait Rey on Jakku and I don’t want to use the Jakku rey on Crait. If I want to switch it up I currently have to leave the match. This is going to be a huge problem with many player once the hoth skins are available because people are going to be stuck with the hoth outfits on Endor, Tatooine, Death Star ETC. please consider this....for a hardcore fan like me I want this and I’m sure it wouldn’t be to hard be to add...THANKS!!! :) (LIKE IF YOU WANT THIS SO WE CAN SPREAD THE WORD TO DEVS)


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