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Darth Vader

Am I the only one who thinks Darth Vader force choke is completely destroyed by the latest patch and had no problem with it before?


  • I preferred it befire the patch. It just needed to have the bugs accosiated with it fixed. Its still essentially the same, just with a much shorter duration
  • Yes, the new choke is a waste. If they keep it that short at least keep it how it was in the first BF, do the damage automatically and allow Vader to block/attack instead of standing their susceptible to damage
  • It is too short now. I think that is the main issue. He has a Star Card that makes you choke them longer, but right now it doesn't seem to be working. I believe this was brought up in the current patch notes. 1.2 i believe.
  • The choke is a complete waste and I am maxed on both choke cards.
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