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November Community Calendar

Suggestion for star cards upgrade, weapon mod unlocking, character setting

Hello EA/DICE team!

I'd like to give some ideas:

Star cards: it would be nice if we could upgrade cards during the match.

Weapons mods unlocking: as you recently did for weapon unlocking, weapon mods unlock could happen immediately, so we can use it in the next map.

Character setting: a complete character setting could be available during the match, including emotes and skins.


  • Just to correct the weapon mods unlocking suggestion: the mod could be unlocked immediately, so that we can use it in the same match
  • DrX2345
    2888 posts Member
    I think it would be nice to be able to unlock and upgrade Star Cards before the match begins (in the 'Starting as Assault in 30...' screen), and weapon mods should be usable the game after you unlock them imo. I mean, they claim automatically now so I don't really see the point of having to exit to the menu then renter a different lobby.
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  • Two days ago a unlocked heavy's TL-50, and it was available for use in the same match. Why not doing the same for weapon mods?
    I think soldier's setting should be available for complete during the match. Not just choosing cards, classes, weapons and unlocked weapon mods.
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