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An idea for less buggy, faster updates and much less forum moaning

I could be wrong but AFAIK the PC version doesn't need approval by any third party (!?) so why does EA/Dice not release weekly hotfixes, bug fixes, updates etc on PC first? - let us PC users do some play testing for a few days to find any new bugs and properly test fixes. We can then moan about them here and Dice can fix them faster. After a 4 weeks they can submit tested console patches (because obviously current patch testing procedures are not working well).

Yes it is like beta testing but how is it any different to what we have now?!

I'm sure PC users would be happier knowing annoying bugs would be squashed inside of a week instead of having to wait 4 weeks and console users would be happier knowing their monthly client patches have been play tested before being submitting to Sony and Microsoft for approval.

Doing this means there would be much less chance of a DC15-like bug getting universally released (nothing gets past us PC users ;)) and it would lessen negative feedback (at least from console users) considerably.

I doubt this would happen because of politics. but who knows!?
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