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Battlefront 2 Olympics New World Record

So unfortunately I did not get footage of this event, but it was jaw dropping. So start of Kamino on defense, a friendly officer managed a triple axel spin to clock that perfect recharge battle command grabbing everyone’s points right off. Then managed another perfect spin right on the wear off to grab another full banquet of points. Finish off with a well aimed flash grenade for the assists in the left hallway. Then lands the one kill with the gnarly SE44c and boom.
In a record time of 1 minute 9 seconds.
Please fix the Officer scoring rate DICE, its way out of proportion to the other classes. He literally did nothing helpful and scored a hero in a ridiculous amount of time, whereas the rest of the team had to battle it out for the remainder of phase 1 and 2 to get that many points.


  • HansTheBest
    1120 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    I feel like you generally don't score enough battlepoints for kills. PTO is great and officer can be helpful, but when you stomp the other team into the ground you should get some credit for it.

    Officers definitely score way too many points and it is easy to sit atop the podium with like 5 kills as an officer.
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    At least your officers presence card works, mine hasn't worked since day one, I get zero points with it
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