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Have there been changes to Star Fighter Assault?

1175 posts Member
I noted (probably well behind everyone else) that there appears to have been some strange changes in SFA.
  • When taking out enemy AI fighters or bombers that are doing runs, i have just started to see messages stating xxx has all been destroyed the xxx team will start with xxx less spawns next phase (or words to that effect). Has this always been there and i am only just seeing it or is it new?
  • I no longer see the x 2 or 3 for battle points when flying near to team spawn players or AI.
  • The screen super zooms and looks like i am flying in a box, hardly any peripheral vision on certain maps (take down the tractor beams being one of them).

    Additionally I have only just started seeing in any game mode on PC an internet signal icon and messages stating your internet is causing issues that may affect game play, (never had this until past weekend and my internet by the way is fine).

    Some deep weird s**t happening, and i am only drunk 50 percent of the time when playing.


  • jonci
    1175 posts Member
    Update to this
    Not getting the messages any more if we take out enemy AI bombers or fighters on runs.
    Do get x 2 occasionally
    no super zoom any more
    Did get one player on my team at spawn with all epics and level 96 showing though????
  • Butler
    33 posts Member
    This mode needs redone completely! Annoys the heck out of every time I play it!, don't even care to finish milestones in this mode,.. was last mode I hade to complete with not many to go and.... Im done with it.. It can stay incomplete just garbage mode
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