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  • I like that skin you put there that's cool! @Zinjo
  • I did get a lot of XP when playing as a heavy as a battle droid when using the Ion turret in Geonosis to take out the AT-TE in lunch. but until they patched it and everytime I wanted to use the ion turret to destroy the AT-TE's they take less damage…
  • I hate to say this but I had to make one person agree on this because he said that's not true and he believe it lol. that without XP for star wars battlefront 2 to rank up, get in game money and level up your guns would be trash. like SWBF2 would be…
    in Xp Reply by BigBearDude January 20
  • I heard that the capital ship takedown would be something like that. I did ask in one of my old posts that they should add more space vehicles, More ground vehicles and maybe like capital ship takedowns but in space with more planets or with a space…
  • yeah they should at least try to add maybe some or all of star wars battlefront 2 gamemodes for offline for 1 player or splitscreen and just for those who maybe don't have wifi. I would love to explore or mess around on Galactic Assault in offline b…
  • try not to fly into open space and find cover unless one of those missions is require to fly on open space... my tip right there! MTFBWY Fighter Pilot
  • thanks guys and sorry for the late post lol
  • I always wonder if anyone ever still uses speeder bikes on endor. and yeah hopefully bro that speeder bike fixes be made. MTFBWY
  • hi there I notice you guys are talking about fixes for the AT-RT. any chance or hopefully they can make a AT-RT 501st skin for the AT-RT. I love those fast chicken walkers lol. anyway I just wanted to post that out. I hope that the AT-RT fixes work …
  • they should have less Battle points or make double battle points for expensive heros and vehicles and special units.
  • or maybe add a era map, or era battle mode for the votes
  • if they add Scarif please also add the U-wing I really loved that ship compare to the Tie Striker and I did love that ship too. or maybe add the Tie Reaper if possible.
  • well this is for the future and Im not saying if could happen anytime later but for future if possible. but I understand for this cool update. I just hope that star wars battlefront 2 would be that better game like if that's what they all say.
  • I know you all think this is a gameplay discussion post but for some feedback for better and more vehicles for vehicle warfare. I want that so I can playing vehicles in GA like the AAT's those were fun. but less Battle points would do please if you …

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