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  • Just started playing SA again and by enlarge I'm enjoying it, but have to say I'm taken out by anything and everything far too easily even when I'm a bomber which are meant to be tanks. How are other players able to target and track me so easily,…
  • Same here, as soon as I get in a hero ship I'm set upon and relentlessly targeted and last about 30 seconds no matter what i do.
  • My Experience of this weekend and HU events generally: Start GA Select trooper Start Run, Run Run Cover, stalk, Shoot, may get a kill, might get killed Run, Run Run Cover, stalk, Shoot, may get a kill, might get killed Run, Run Run Cover,…
  • Played a game a10-20 mins ago 1st had over a 100,000 points 2nd had 35,000 with no kills
  • Me too, My PSN is the same as my username on here.
  • **Update...kind of** A similar thing has always been in GA, I've been killed may times and as i lie dead on the floor thinking what could have been, I see a team mate pop out from somewhere and gun down in swift retribution my attacker almost as i…
  • Wow, I've experienced the first issue where lag is so bad I've actually finished a round of GA with no kills despite hitting numerous people countless times with various weapons and classes that on a normal connection would have killed them, but I h…
  • I am one of those bad players Yep i have to hold my hand up and admit i'm one of those bad players, do I mean to be? No I don't, do I want to be No of why would i want to be bad at something. I'm on PS4 and my internet connection is not always …

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