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  • Its done they fixed it! I just had to "update the game" on origin just before launching and it is now fixed!
  • Awesome! They do take bugs and all in consideration realy fast.. the thing with boba fett hovering was fixed fastly enough and this one 6 days after i requested it (well it was probably there before but still!)
  • Yep i already had send a bug report on that 5 day ago. I am just waiting for them to fix it (should not be that hard .. its not a major gameplay trouble.)
  • Okay i am not sure if anyone will agree with me but the way i see it: There are only movies heroes so far so if (witch is not MY will but) the devs want to keep it that way i have a list of suppositions: -Finn vs Phasma (is the next pair) -Qui …
  • So now i know that the one missing is ryloth for me but i tried your tweak Mastahpeece and it did not work. Well... They wil fix it.. soon.. Right? Right?? Right?????
  • I am just so exited about the 501'st legion skin and the 91st (and alien of course!!)
  • Yeah im on pc and im in the exact same situation but i don't even remeber witch one i am suppose to win so i won them ALL like 2 times in a day and it is the last milestone that i need for the big one. Would realy be great if it could be fixed!

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